The State of HAPPY!!

29 Apr

20170415_063549-01This picture says it all – taken while on my DREAM trip to Hawaii where I got to spend 13 amazing days visiting 4 of Hawaii’s islands… and where I got ENGAGED on April 15th.

My life was not always this ‘happy’… I have had my share of struggles … in many areas – including losing loved ones, divorce, bankruptcy, depression, anxiety and dealing with challenging times as a single mom with kids who have struggled with their own mental health issues...

Today I sit here going through some of my photos and this one struck a cord for me. I'm NOT perfect... I am not where I want to be yet - but so much closer than where I was. During my vacation time I fell 'off the wagon' with my health routine ... ate things I shouldn't have and had alcohol beverages a plenty... but I'm BACK and I'm ready and raring to get a NEW challenge going ... Starting May 1st.. I am re-launching into TWO new programs - as I continue to work to fulfill my mission to be Fit@50&Beyond! I'm also re-starting my THIRD Lose 'Da Booze 100 Day Challenge... because it works!! This amazing group I started... seeing the success and support and positive results... well I just feel as the creator I need to get back in there to re-ignite and perhaps invite OTHERS to feel this 'natural high' that comes from living YOUR best life!

As a Beachbody Coach - I also would love to share with you the programs that have helped me to lose over 40lbs!! I'm now going for the 50LBS milestone!! If you'd like to know more - follow me on Facebook... send me a message there and I will give you more details! I can't wait to get going and I hope you will JOIN me!!

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