3 Day Refresh – February 2017

17 Feb

Day1 - 3 Day Refresh Feb 15, <noindex srcset= 2017" width="387" height="387" />Every now and again I need a reset and that was this week! While I have been doing well on my journey, I had found that lately my healthy eating was slipping and I was feeling discouraged as I was stuck on a plateau with my weight. So I decided to do another 3 Day Refresh.

This is my 4th one I believe. I do them whenever I feel I need a boost - it's not meant for long term and it does mean going back to a sensible eating plan so I can continue losing. I love that the program comes with the menu and also the maintenance plan for after the Refresh is completed!

Part of this means including Shakeology as part of my daily ritual - which I've been doing fairly consistently now for a year. I used to think it was too expensive until I started comparing it to stuff I was spending on and putting into my body. In comparison, this stuff is PRICELESS as it has helped me get to where I am today - feeling and LOOKING much healthier!

So here I am waking up on the morning of Day 3 - confident I will complete it and looking forward to sharing my FINAL results tomorrow morning.

Here's a sample of what you can expect with this plan - it's not just liquids and while it's not easy and for some the taste isn't great, but in all honesty, I don't mind it considering the benefits.

Here's a sample/cheat sheet of the menu to give you an idea (and below this my results after 2 days completed - the FINAL results I will share tomorrow): 3+day+refresh+cheat+sheet+Feb 17.2017 3 Day Refresh

I FINALLY Busted into 150Ville!! This was what I was aiming for and looking to maintain after as well!! If you want more info or have any questions - you can always reach me by messaging on my COACH Like Facebook Page! Make it a Great Day!!