Day 3 of the Clean Eating Challenge

14 Sep

1We started on Monday and I’ve been sharing daily posts with some friends and colleagues. We’re exchanging photos of what we eat, our workouts and it's been a great motivation for all! Interested in joining a future challenge? Email me at

Give it 110%

22 Aug

Monday Motivation!!

Embrace Change

16 Aug


Make it a HEALTHY Weekend

12 Aug

  • designDon’t Skip Your Workout
  • Eat Like it’s a Weekday
  • Limit Alcohol
  • Increase Water
  • Only ONE Cheat Meal

Don’t let the weekends ruin your progress … Fight hard for self-control!

Good BYE July!!

31 Jul


Here’s to making August AWESOME!! 

Sometimes Plans Change…

28 Jul

I honestly didn’t see this coming – what was to be a vacation to look forward to has turned into caring for my partner… but alas – these unexpected turns are what make life interesting. I will continue to count my blessings. Never EVER give up on your dreams no matter the detours!21692_featured