3 Day Refresh – RESULTS!

18 Feb

quickgridMission Accomplished!! I set out to reset my eating patterns and bust a plateau! In 3 day I lost 5lbs and 1 inch from my waist. I feel less bloated and motivated to keep pushing towards my next goal (I am taking this 5lbs at a time … so 154.5 is the next target).

This was my 4th time doing the 3 Day Refresh. The first time I had great success and the other times I found it a bit harder and didn’t complete it as well. What is important when you decide to do this is to prepare yourself mentally. I figure if I’m spending the money on the product – I’m going to stick to it!

It’s a SHORT 3 days … it’s not the end of the world. Better yet… it’s a way to really get back to basics.

I’m feeling great this morning and ready to get back to my workouts (which I toned down for the past few days). And after my workout – I will start my day with a nice healthy / hearty breakfast… allowing myself a couple of slices of bacon even…

The program works if you also maintain the healthy eating habits. I am going to follow my recommended portions (according to the 21 Day Fix container guide) and keep working towards my ultimate goal … to hit the 50lbs milestone before April 13 (when we leave for Hawaii). I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!!

3 Day Refresh – February 2017

17 Feb

Day1 - 3 Day Refresh Feb 15, <noindex srcset= 2017" width="387" height="387" />Every now and again I need a reset and that was this week! While I have been doing well on my journey, I had found that lately my healthy eating was slipping and I was feeling discouraged as I was stuck on a plateau with my weight. So I decided to do another 3 Day Refresh.

This is my 4th one I believe. I do them whenever I feel I need a boost - it's not meant for long term and it does mean going back to a sensible eating plan so I can continue losing. I love that the program comes with the menu and also the maintenance plan for after the Refresh is completed!

Part of this means including Shakeology as part of my daily ritual - which I've been doing fairly consistently now for a year. I used to think it was too expensive until I started comparing it to stuff I was spending on and putting into my body. In comparison, this stuff is PRICELESS as it has helped me get to where I am today - feeling and LOOKING much healthier!

So here I am waking up on the morning of Day 3 - confident I will complete it and looking forward to sharing my FINAL results tomorrow morning.

Here's a sample of what you can expect with this plan - it's not just liquids and while it's not easy and for some the taste isn't great, but in all honesty, I don't mind it considering the benefits.

Here's a sample/cheat sheet of the menu to give you an idea (and below this my results after 2 days completed - the FINAL results I will share tomorrow): 3+day+refresh+cheat+sheet+Feb 17.2017 3 Day Refresh

I FINALLY Busted into 150Ville!! This was what I was aiming for and looking to maintain after as well!! If you want more info or have any questions - you can always reach me by messaging on my COACH Like Facebook Page! Make it a Great Day!!

My Transformation Story

12 Feb


I shared this on Tuesday February 7th, 2017. It's hard to believe that this photo of me on the left was less than a year ago (taken in May 2016). I remember having this photo taken and how I felt. My arms were unable to sit straight by my sides because I was literally bulging out and I felt so uncomfortable. I hated having my photos taken and how I looked and felt.

My weight has been a lifelong struggle. From a young age, through my college years and after having my kids. I went through periods of depression and some real lows feeling like I would never reach my goals.

The SHIFT happened when I finally had enough - and turned that half century mark. In September 2016, I went beyond just dabbling in my workouts but became serious and committed to doing the programs from start to finish. I was committed to my new mantra ... Fit@50&Beyond!

I have had these programs for years - it all started back in 2005 when I purchased my first Beachbody Program Turbo Jam (and it's still one of my favorites). But even with that one, I dabbled in it and never completed the full program.

My weight would come off and then come back on because I'd slip back into old patterns of too much eating/drinking and then I would let my daily workout schedule slip too. I have lost and gained the same 30lbs I don't know how many times... but this time - it's gone for GOOD!

I say this with certainty because I am now committed to doing the work every single day! I follow the programs daily calendars. I post in my challenge groups daily for accountability (and the BIG shift was cutting out the alcohol for 100 days at a time - that was a game changer). As a coach, I am determined to set an example and show those who are perhaps at the stage that I was in this before picture... that YES you can make this happen too!

I have never felt better than I do now and so excited for what is yet to come!! The photos on the right were taken this month and I am loving how I'm starting to see some lean definition... but the journey continues. I'm currently doing the Body Beast program and into week 6 of 12 - and excited to see what the end results will be (just before my trip to Hawaii).

If you are tired of feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your skin - know that YOU too can make this change. With determination, commitment and support from ME as your free coach, I can help you get there too! If this speaks to you, send me a message and lets get you started... on the BEST project you will ever work on... YOU!! It is NEVER too late to get in the best shape of your life! #BeFitSpirited

ALL Access BOD (Beachbody On Demand)

09 Jan


It used to be a program with Shakeology was around $160 – and that was ONE program. Now you can get ALL ACCESS PASS to over $6000 dollars of Fitness and Weight Loss solutions (that you can stream from your phone, IPad, Laptop or even download up to 7 workouts to access without internet if you don't have access while traveling). PLUS you get a month's worth of Shakeology and the portion containers for your nutrition, the calendars all for $199 USD. If you don't want the Shakeology - you can still get the pass and containers for $99 USD.

Having this all access pass allows you pick and choose the workout(s) you want or mix them up. Depending on what you want to do, how much time you have or which trainer you prefer...

This is a limited time offer - see the link for more detailed info! Don't miss out on this opportunity!!
If you still aren't sure - check out the FREE 30 Day trial (you won't get all programs but you can get a peak and upgrade if you see that it's a deal too good to miss out on!) - I upgraded my subscription as soon as it became available!!

100 Days Lose ‘Da Booze Challenge

01 Jan

picsart_01-01-09-58-15Happy NEW Year and welcome to DAY 1 of my newest 100 Day Challenge of Lose ‘Da Booze (which you can join via Facebook).

My first challenge (Sept 8 to Dec 16) brought me great results and I can’t wait to see what this next one will do!

Wishing you all Health and Happiness for 2017 and I hope to see you following on my Facebook Like page where I post daily inspiration and motivation! I’m living Fit@50&Beyond! (another group you can join if you are in this age group).


13 Nov


I created a Facebook group that is dedicated to ANYONE who is 50 years young or above – who are striving to be Fit@50&Beyond! If you would like to join – send me a request here: Fit@50&Beyond!

The group is designed to gather all who are in this age range in a space where we can share our unique challenges and/or experiences. It’s a place for motivation, inspiration, accountability and support!

I just turned 50 on September 3, 2016 and I've adopted this mantra which I intend to continue for LIFE! There's no 'end' date on this journey! I want to make the REST of my life the BEST of my life!

If you would like to know more about me - I post regularly to my 'Like' page here: Helene Larocque

Make it a healthy and active day!


Week 2 – Fit Fall Challenge

10 Oct

14517365_10153655628367563_3220604558895665066_nI’m jumping into the 2nd week of the Fit Fall Challenge and despite it being our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I'm making time for ME - and my goals to get healthier. If you would like to join my NEXT accountability group - visit my Facebook page for daily updates.  If you want to be included in the next notification for a challenge group, send me an email at helene@befitspirited.com

This current challenge ends 22 days - I have committed to 30 days of doing the Country Heat program and drinking my Shakeology for most of my breakfasts (except on weekends when I alternate and sometimes drink it as a mid-afternoon snack/boost).

I'm loving the program (which is a fun cardio that doesn't feel like a workout). I do add in some Strength Training in the mix to work on toning up too!

I can't wait to see what my 30 day results will be!

Day 4 – Fit Fall Challenge

06 Oct

14495277_1035638573200507_2599284720790407603_nI’m pumped going into Day 4 of this new 30 Day Fit Fall Challenge! Whether or not you are in this with me – bottom line is you have to want to do this for YOU!!

I’m here to provide accountability and support but the decision has to come from you to COMMIT and make this happen!

I run challenges every month! If you are not part of it this time, be sure to message me and I'll send you details on the next one!

It's NEVER too late to get in the BEST shape of your life! Fit at 50 & Beyond!

I'm doing this for ME!! And I'd love to help you on your journey. Visit my Facebook Page for daily posts/motivation, etc.

Fit Fall Challenge – Starts October 3, 2016

16 Sep

Join ME on October 3rd! Message me at helene@befitspirited.com for more info or visit my Facebook page.