Nutrition is KEY

22 Mar

20170322_091444-01I’m thankful for my daily dose of dense nutrition as I know it will help me have a speedy recovery from this little health hiccup (had to have emergency laser surgery to repair two retina tears). I’ve been drinking this daily now for over a year and love that the many vitamins it includes are recommended for supporting my eye health too.

I will be stopping by the health food store too to see if there are other extras I can take to boost this even further to ensure my vision is back to my ‘normal’ before my trip … coming up so fast now … just 22 days before I hop on that plane and head to Hawaii 🙂

I can’t workout for a week but I CAN make sure I eat healthy 110% and it starts with my Shakeology®– switched up and decided to get some Tropical Strawberry for a change 🙂

Oh and I’m opting to wear NO Makeup for a few days too – to just really give my eye a break from all that is not natural

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