March 1st – March Into Spring Health Challenge

24 Feb


I run back to back challenges all the time. I use the Challenge Tracker (an app you can use through your phone) and setup a group there – and I have an ongoing Healthy4Life Facebook Group that will run this challenge as well. Spring will be upon us before you know it!

And I don’t know about you but once we shed the winter clothes – I want to feel good in my skin! I have some extra motivation with my trip to Hawaii in April – but there’s always something that will motivate you. The BEST thing to motivate you is simply aiming to be healthier today than you were yesterday. Taking consistent action and letting the excuses go.

Everyone can MAKE time to do this!! Because after all – YOU are so worth it!!

All I ask is that you COMMIT to following ONE program (of your choice) and follow a schedule and replace ONE meal with Shakeology (or a healthy meal replacement/protein drink of your choice). Post below and let me know if you’re in and what program you’ll be doing/following. The ALL ACCESS CHALLENGE pack is on sale ONLY until Feb 28th so don’t miss out!!

*** During this challenge – for those who are participating – I ask that you post at least ONCE per day (via the Challenge Tracker or the Facebook Group) to check in and let us know how your day went, what your workout was, the challenges you may have encountered, how your nutrition was. I will also post things to encourage you to participate 🙂- Welcome to the NEW members hopping on for the March 1st Challenge!

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