Welcome to my Lose ‘Da Booze page… You’ll have likely seen posts or challenges related to this topic… where people are joining in to CHANGE their habits relative to alcohol and uncovering a NEW and incredibly POSITIVE Lifestyle! I started this with a 100 Day Challenge… and I am progressing to making this a continuous community of support for those who want to lead a more balanced life – abstaining for the most part.

I have a posts related to this journey that you can follow on my Losedabooze site – where I share some of my own experiences relative to cutting out ‘da booze!

I’m not seeking compensation in any way as I find helping others is priceless… but if you’d like to give a tip … to say thanks or express your gratitude, here's a link via Paypal that you can do so. I call it my Gratitude Jar.

I love what I'm doing as I manage these groups through sharing and inspiration ... but it does take away from my personal time with my partner and family... and as my own full time work will be reduced by one day every week April 1, 2017 - I am looking at ways to compensating my income in some ways.

If you want even more individual accountability - and some one on one time (via calls, skype or other forms of connecting) - that can happen too and we can discuss what you feel is a fair in terms of a payment for this particular service.

First and foremost I'm here to help...  I am also FREE Independent Team Beachbody Coach... so anything relative to that is at no charge.

If you have any questions or want to connect with me - message me at helene@befitspirited.com

20170601_165021-02[1]** DISCLAIMER: I am here to provide support and encouragement based on my own personal experiences but can NOT replace professional medical counsel. If you have a serious dependence on alcohol or have been a heavy drinker- please seek professional services via your medical practitioner or counselor. **