Go Sober for October

23 Sep


I’m on a personal journey to go the entire year without alcohol (which started on September 3rd and you can follow that specific journey on my alternate site www.losedabooze.com) with specific details on this upcoming challenge that I am launching for others to join in to go Sober for October.

You see when I look at my health – one of the factors that affected so many areas of my life (my mood, energy, ability to lose weight or keep it off, my focus, and the list can go on) was the alcohol. When I re-introduced it after my last 100 Days AF (alcohol free) completed April 10, 2017 and went on my trip to Hawaii - well I fell back into old habits and regained 33lbs of the 45lbs I had lost.

So I decided I needed to up my challenge and on my birthday committed to making the 51st year of my life AF! Today is day 21 and I'm progressing well and feeling soooo much better! If you'd like to join in - visit my Facebook Page and I can add you to our amazing group Lose 'da Booze 100 Day Challenge Group (which is now secret so we have to be friends in order for me to be able to add you). The details are in the Sober of October blog post. I'm excited to see so many joining in! It's going to be an incredible month ahead!!

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