Go Sober for October

23 Sep


I’m on a personal journey to go the entire year without alcohol (which started on September 3rd and you can follow that specific journey on my alternate site www.losedabooze.com) with specific details on this upcoming challenge that I am launching for others to join in to go Sober for October.

You see when I look at my health – one of the factors that affected so many areas of my life (my mood, energy, ability to lose weight or keep it off, my focus, and the list can go on) was the alcohol. When I re-introduced it after my last 100 Days AF (alcohol free) completed April 10, 2017 and went on my trip to Hawaii - well I fell back into old habits and regained 33lbs of the 45lbs I had lost.

So I decided I needed to up my challenge and on my birthday committed to making the 51st year of my life AF! Today is day 21 and I'm progressing well and feeling soooo much better! If you'd like to join in - visit my Facebook Page and I can add you to our amazing group Lose 'da Booze 100 Day Challenge Group (which is now secret so we have to be friends in order for me to be able to add you). The details are in the Sober of October blog post. I'm excited to see so many joining in! It's going to be an incredible month ahead!!

Transformation Tuesday – One Year Comparison

10 May

18342272_10154227738577563_6718963052819578428_nEvery so often, I share my photos to show where I started and where I stand today. Sometimes I do it to remind MYSELF that while I am perhaps not yet at goal - I am making progress on this healthy journey I'm on.

I became a Beachbody Coach in July of 2015 - but long before making this leap, I was a long time user of many Beachbody programs (my first one was Slim in 6 I believe - but my favorite soulmate workout was Turbo Jam). When I decided to take it a step up and sign up as a coach, it was to prove that the products really do work - IF you use them as they were meant to be done.

You see, for years I would start a program and stop just a week into it. It wasn't until The Master's Hammer and Chisel came out and when I committed to finally doing a program from start to finish that I started seeing REAL results!

Since completing that first program, I have moved on and completed others including 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Country Heat and most recently Body Beast.

These programs are amazing! They come with a calendar, tracking sheets and meal plans. As a coach I run accountability and challenge groups to keep ME and others on track with their goals.

While I am still a success story in progress... I just wanted to say that you should never EVER give up on your dreams. After years of hoping to finally have those 'after' photos that would show my success - I now am seeing them and it feels GREAT!

I don't always blog/post here but I do post daily on my Facebook Coach Page and I'd love you have you follow me there! If you are ready to make REAL and true changes ... I'd love to help you get there as your FREE coach! Just reach out and let's get the conversation started to help YOU reach your goals!20170509_191318-01

The State of HAPPY!!

29 Apr

20170415_063549-01This picture says it all – taken while on my DREAM trip to Hawaii where I got to spend 13 amazing days visiting 4 of Hawaii’s islands… and where I got ENGAGED on April 15th.

My life was not always this ‘happy’… I have had my share of struggles … in many areas – including losing loved ones, divorce, bankruptcy, depression, anxiety and dealing with challenging times as a single mom with kids who have struggled with their own mental health issues...

Today I sit here going through some of my photos and this one struck a cord for me. I'm NOT perfect... I am not where I want to be yet - but so much closer than where I was. During my vacation time I fell 'off the wagon' with my health routine ... ate things I shouldn't have and had alcohol beverages a plenty... but I'm BACK and I'm ready and raring to get a NEW challenge going ... Starting May 1st.. I am re-launching into TWO new programs - as I continue to work to fulfill my mission to be Fit@50&Beyond! I'm also re-starting my THIRD Lose 'Da Booze 100 Day Challenge... because it works!! This amazing group I started... seeing the success and support and positive results... well I just feel as the creator I need to get back in there to re-ignite and perhaps invite OTHERS to feel this 'natural high' that comes from living YOUR best life!

As a Beachbody Coach - I also would love to share with you the programs that have helped me to lose over 40lbs!! I'm now going for the 50LBS milestone!! If you'd like to know more - follow me on Facebook... send me a message there and I will give you more details! I can't wait to get going and I hope you will JOIN me!!

Accountability is KEY

05 Apr

17629700_10154134412732563_2918871816657921218_nI found this great app – it’s called the Loop Habit Tracker and I included some habits that I’m working on being consistent with. I love how simple it is – with check marks and the visuals (because I’m a very visual person).

I use sober time for my consecutive 101 Day Challenge (beating out my last 100 Days completed December 16, 2016). I have to say that Losing 'da Booze has been an incredible game changer for me in helping me to finally reach some of my health goals... Down 43lbs as of today ... feels awesome!!

If you want to follow my journey more closely - visit my Facebook Page ... I post there daily and would love to have you 'like' my page and follow me!


Nutrition is KEY

22 Mar

20170322_091444-01I’m thankful for my daily dose of dense nutrition as I know it will help me have a speedy recovery from this little health hiccup (had to have emergency laser surgery to repair two retina tears). I’ve been drinking this daily now for over a year and love that the many vitamins it includes are recommended for supporting my eye health too.

I will be stopping by the health food store too to see if there are other extras I can take to boost this even further to ensure my vision is back to my ‘normal’ before my trip … coming up so fast now … just 22 days before I hop on that plane and head to Hawaii 🙂

I can’t workout for a week but I CAN make sure I eat healthy 110% and it starts with my Shakeology®– switched up and decided to get some Tropical Strawberry for a change 🙂

Oh and I’m opting to wear NO Makeup for a few days too – to just really give my eye a break from all that is not natural

March 1st – March Into Spring Health Challenge

24 Feb


I run back to back challenges all the time. I use the Challenge Tracker (an app you can use through your phone) and setup a group there – and I have an ongoing Healthy4Life Facebook Group that will run this challenge as well. Spring will be upon us before you know it!

And I don’t know about you but once we shed the winter clothes – I want to feel good in my skin! I have some extra motivation with my trip to Hawaii in April – but there’s always something that will motivate you. The BEST thing to motivate you is simply aiming to be healthier today than you were yesterday. Taking consistent action and letting the excuses go.

Everyone can MAKE time to do this!! Because after all – YOU are so worth it!!

All I ask is that you COMMIT to following ONE program (of your choice) and follow a schedule and replace ONE meal with Shakeology (or a healthy meal replacement/protein drink of your choice). Post below and let me know if you’re in and what program you’ll be doing/following. The ALL ACCESS CHALLENGE pack is on sale ONLY until Feb 28th so don’t miss out!!

*** During this challenge – for those who are participating – I ask that you post at least ONCE per day (via the Challenge Tracker or the Facebook Group) to check in and let us know how your day went, what your workout was, the challenges you may have encountered, how your nutrition was. I will also post things to encourage you to participate 🙂- Welcome to the NEW members hopping on for the March 1st Challenge!

Natural Cure vs Prescribed Meds

23 Feb

PicsArt_02-23-08.09.00I woke up this morning feeling like I was HUNGOVER – but I wasn’t. Today is my 54th day without alcohol. I felt this way as I tried taking the medication that was prescribed to me by my doctor. Well let’s just say that is the last time I take the meds. I know you have to give it time and that there may be a need to adjust the doseage – but after reading up on it, I'd rather cure my recurring headaches with natural remedies like these: Every Day Headache Remedies

Here's to feeling better, naturally! The ginger in my lemon water helped with my upset stomach.

Coming May 1st, 2017!! A NEW Challenge Group!!

21 Feb

designFor GRADUATES of the 100 Day Lose ‘da Booze Challenge… this group will launch on May 1st, 2017!!

This group will only accept graduates who have completed 100 consecutive days without alcohol (AF). This group will be focused on having 300 (or more) days AF in the period of 1 Year!!

These challenges are meant for those who struggle with the hold alcohol has in their lives and how it is being over used as a coping mechanism or simply a bad habit you want to change as it is interfering with you reaching your health goals - mind/body and spirit!

You can view a bit more about this in my Services Section - Lose 'Da Booze Support.