picsart_12-08-06-54-08My name is Hélène Sinclair and I want to thank you for visiting my ‘new’ website (for more up to date info on me – always go to my Facebook Like Page Helene Larocque

My decision to launch this website was to have a space to put my passion about what I love most in one space. Health and Wellness are what occupy my thoughts for most of the day. I live and breathe it – as I have lived and know the struggle of maintaining a healthy weight. I have been through some pretty difficult life situations and have not always coped in the healthiest ways… That changes NOW!

I’m now in my 51st year of life and I have decided to make true, lasting, lifestyle changes which include being healthy and fit - balanced in all areas 'mind/body'spirit' - thus my decision to choose the name BeFitSpirited.

This journey involves not only working on the physical aspect (weight, size, etc.) but what I have learned of late is that the spirit/mind is what makes or breaks our ability to succeed and maintain our health goals.

I hope that by sharing my experiences and lessons learned along the way I can inspire others to achieve their own success as well. Thank you again for visiting and come back often.

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